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Further to the renovation of building of the Palace of Europe and of waterproof work of the roof and of the dome envisaged until January, 2019, aerials has been disassembled as well as installations in the station.
Consequently the regular activity of Radio Club will be suspended till the end of jobs, nevertheless 2 or 3 activities will be assured  with a vertical antenna.













On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the country becoming a member of the Council of Europe on 9 November 1995, the CERAC, in cooperation with the Amataur Radio Operators of Macedonia, celebrated this event with a joint transmission from 7 to 12 November 2015, using this special call sign Z38CE.

This activity, which took place under the patronage of his Excellency, Ambassador Petar Pop-Arsov, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Macedonia to the Council of Europe, symolises the continuing close ties between the country and the Council of Europe.


Welcome to the CERAC website


  EUROPE DAY MAY 9th, 2015






Created on 5 May 1949, the Council of Europe is the oldest European international organisation which today includes 47 member states with its headquarters in Strasbourg (France). It has an extraterritorial jurisdiction and is an advisory member of  the United Nations within the framework of chapter VIII in the UN treaty of 1 April 1998. The Council of Europe’s Radio Club  (CERAC) was established on 26 June 1986, which is the date of the first broadcast with the prefix TP2CE (CE standing for Council of Europe).

Two years previously, two French amateur radio operators, Francis Kremer (F6FQK) and Patrick Bittiger (F2DX) were asked by the head of the Council’s audiovisual department to discuss cooperating with the organization, with the aim of promoting its non-political activities in accordance with the regulations and  amateur radio callsigns. Initially the International Union for Telecommunications was contacted in order to obtain a prefix. Given the difficulties this presented, the IUT made contact with the French Telecommunications service who gave us the official title of the radio club – TP2CE –and TP prefix which could used to mark important events involving the Council. The Radio Club operates on average between three and four weekends per year, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.


Since 1986, radio amateurs from many different European countries have been invited to participate in different activities. The Radio Club consists of six permanent members:


 Francis KREMER /F6FQK

 Christian CHAUDRON /F5LGF


 Jean Louis LHERMET /F5OCL




And one honorary member: Hans Jürgen SCHARFEN/DL3MBE


The Radio Club’s office is located on the 5th floor in the Palais de l'Europe in Strasbourg and contains the following equipment:

 3 Transceivers: Kenwood TS 850S -TS 870s -IC 910H -Amplifier: Henry 2KD - Amplitec

Plus the antennas installed on the roof of the Palais de l’Europe (the Council’s main headquarters building)

 5 ele. Yagi for 20, 15 and10M

2 ele. Monoband for 40m

5 element 3 bands 10/15/20m

3 element for WARC bands

2 x 12 element yagi for 144Mhz